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Our new website has launched!

Thanks Avi Lambert!

A shoutout to Avi Lambert for all his work on making this website possible.

An interactive roadtrip map + network database-building tool

We are very excited to share our fun interactive roadtrip and network-building tool. The Google maps API tool will track Mandy’s journey from Mile 0 to Mile 0. It also provides a map-based database of the nascent cross Canada community cinema network. Cinemas, documentary screening initiatives, filmmakers, media arts organizations, distributors, non-cinema venues, non-profit orgs and community groups who are involved or interested in documentary screenings in Canada are all invited to register and put their pin on the Doc Bus map!

Put your documentary pin on the Doc Bus map!

Within the next day or two, we’ll be turning the old Doc Bus website into a photo blog site, featuring photographs of the journey.

Please take a look through the site and we welcome your feedback and comments! We hope you like it!



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