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A photo of the Doc Bus waiting to get on BC Ferries at Schwartz Bay

Vancouver here we come! The Doc Bus’ first trip, Tuesday May 7, 2013!

photo of Liz Shorten and Tracey Friesen smiling on the Doc Bus

Vancouver documentary divas Liz Shorten (CMPA-BC) & Tracey Friesen (ex NFB) fell in love with the Doc Bus!

a vibrant photo of Vancouver at sunset with the Science Centre in the foreground.

The weather was spectacular in Vancouver all week!

photo of the audience in Playhouse waiting to watch DOXA screening of Google and the World Brain

DOXA pulled a full house for Google and the World Brain. An excellent but troubling doc about Man’s perennial hunger for knowledge and greedy power grabs to control it.


Kenji Maeda is the Interim Executive Director at DOXA.

photo of the inside of the Doc Bus with curtains drawn

I love waking up in the Doc Bus! It’s like a mobile blanket fort! So cosy, compact and efficient! #WestyLove

photo of the Doc Bus parked on a tree-lined street in Strathcona

The Doc Bus: Home away from home in shady Strathcona!

Emma Hendrix

Emma Hendrix is VIVO Media Arts Centre‘s Managing Director. VIVO has a huge media library & distro network. He loved the hybrid event concept.

photo of an old Patch Bay and Deck Hub

Ye olde Patch Bay and Deck Hub. This technology looks like it’s from another era. Er, 10 years ago??

Photo of Wayne Bradley and Janet Fairbanks in front of the Doc Bus

Wayne Bradley & Janet Fairbanks have been running the World Community Film Festival in the Comox Valley for 24 years! They deserve a medal!

photo of Michelle Mason, filmmaker & educator at Capilano U Documentary Program

Michelle Mason is an experienced documentary filmmaker and educator. We have worked closely together on films and media education for 13 years.


Kat Dodds started Hello Cool World in 2003 while marketing & distributing The Corporation.

Well-traveled 35mm film reels from The Corporation adorn Kat Dodds' spacious funky live/work space in Chinatown.

Well-traveled 35mm film reels from The Corporation adorn Kat Dodds’ spacious funky live/work space in Chinatown.


So many great conversations to think about! Thank goodness for teatime on the Doc Bus!


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