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A New Westy Sponsor for the Doc Bus

Last week a friend referred me to a new Facebook page that he thought I might enjoy: Westfalia Adventurer Camper Women. Within an hour of joining I had not only met a bus load of new westy besty’s but the Doc Bus had a new sponsor!

Vanagon Westfalia Parts

Based in the Gibsons, Cheri Lepage and Trevor Reid have recently joined forces to create The Skylight Guy: Vanagon Westfalia Parts and Skylights. They have such a cool story: in 2010, Trevor and Cheri  bought Delta Six Industries, the original parts manufacturer for the Westfalia van. They acquired the original manufacturer molds (OEM) for Westfalia products such as skylights, the complete skylight refit kit, hook-up inlets, faucets, water level sensors, water and battery indicators, and much more. Right here in BC too!

Your One-Stop Shop for Authentic Westfalia Products

logo for

As we speak, their logo is being put on the Doc Bus, right next to the exterior control panel parts that they manufacture! Their logo couldn’t be more aligned with the Doc Bus branding, don’t you agree?

In return, Cheri and Trevor have contributed $1000 towards our cross Canada documentary pilgrimage plus westfalia parts and emergency phone rescue support during the summer-long roadtrip. I’ve had a couple of really great phone conversations with Cheri, who will be coming to our Vancouver launch party on Saturday June 2 and she’s hooked me in to a lifetime’s worth of VW Bus listserves, groups, summer gatherings and connections. What an amazing gift!

photo of Trevor Reid and Cheri Lepage and their westy "Rock on"

They’ve even written a blog post about the Doc Bus!¬† Thank you so much Cheri and Trevor! I can’t wait to meet you and show off the Doc Bus and all the new sponsor decals. I’m picking it up from the decal shop today…photos shortly.

POST SCRIPT: Here it is!

a photo of the Westfalia Vanagon Parts logo decal on the doc bus

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