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It’s a year since I bought the Doc Bus…

and I can hardly believe how far this project has come since then! 

With the support of the Canada Media FundConnecting the Docs is starting to pick up speed, as we develop ways to combine live screenings across the country connected by online engagement. Read about our first two events here and here, and join us at our April 23 screening of The Ghosts in our Machine, in Victoria, Toronto and online!

graphic for OPEN CINEMA's Connecting the Docs screening of The Ghosts in our Machine

We’ve also started a series of guest blog posts, featuring some of the filmmakers, communicators and activists that we are working with across the country. We’re particularly stoked about Huffington Post Alberta writer Shannon McClennan’s post about what Connecting the Docs means to her.

What is Connecting the Docs? Uniting Diverse and Distant Communities Behind a Cause.

Graphic for Shannon McLennan's OPEN CINEMA Story.

Connecting the Docs is a natural extension of what the documentary film viewing experience should be: the opportunity to absorb, engage with and discuss a film and its meaning from varied perspectives and experiences. It’s a self-replicating organism, multiplying and expanding, ever evolving.” Shannon McClennan. Read the whole post here.

Stay tuned as we continue to self-replicate, multiply, expand and evolve!

See you at the hyrid movies!


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