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Yesterday was quite the day! Our Indiegogo campaign was off to a great start with a few early contributors.

Huge thanks to the following for jumping right in and voting generously with your pocketbooks.

Christine Hoyer
Brad Nelson
Brian Leith, Brian Leith Productions
Vanessa Lebourdais, Dreamrider Theatre
Karen Davies, Cedarwood Productions

From now on, I’ll be posting contributor’s names on the Sponsors page. Get YOUR name added by contributing to the campaign!

And thanks to everyone who helped spread the word! What an awesome cheering section! Every tweet, share, like and comment helps – seriously!

Let’s get this bus rolling!

But first, teatime! After a lot of hard work, I made a pot of tea in the bus for the first time and finally got round to reading Michael D. Reid’s great article about our cinema caper.





This is the first time I’ve posted entirely from the WordPress iphone app! It works pretty well!

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