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Things are really starting to fall into place in a remarkable way. There’s a heck of a lot of work to do to get ready for this great Canadian journey, but so many people are stepping up to help and I’m feeling very supported, which is making it a lot of fun. And we’re making great progress: a video, an animation, a website, promotion opportunities and a couple of award nominations…not bad for a week’s work!

Last week was a big week!

a photo of Mandy Leith sitting on top of a westfalia, with thumbs upFollowing a video shoot with talented young cinematographer Matt Miles and a borrowed Westfalia a couple of weeks ago, Angela Hemming started editing the crowdfunding video last week. I just wish we had managed to get a photo of Matt spreadeagled in the middle of the road up on Mount Tolmie. He set up the shot up so I could drive over the camera, and we got a great shot of the westfalia driving over a hill. Fun!

The video will be used for our fundraising campaign; we’re going to need to buy gas and living expenses while we’re on the road, as well as an honorarium for a digital roadie and few other trip expenses. Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launches mid April, so stay tuned!

We also completed our cute little opening animation, thanks to Scott Amos’ talented stop motion work and Vanessa Lebourdais‘ funky little musical sting. I love the way Scott uses cutout 2D images in a 3D environment. So creative.

Animation of red Westfalia with Mandy Leith waving

Avi Lambert has jumped on board to help us set up our website and integrate it with google maps api. Not only will the website map track our progress across the country, but it will also become a location-based directory of community screening programs across the country! We’ll be soliciting your local screening program details once the site is done later this month.

We also confirmed with Marc Glassman that POV Magazine will publish a 2-part article on the Doc Bus odyssey, which we are very excited about.  And we started a conversation with DOXA about participation in their May festival in Vancouver.
Monday Magazine M Awards graphicTo top the week off, we heard that OPEN CINEMA was nominated for a Monday Magazine M Award. The local cultural awards honours Victoria’s local artists, cultural workers and community builders; we’re thrilled to be in the running as Best Film Event, we’ll find out at the ceremony on April 23 – the night before our Season 10 finale!

And finally, as if the week hadn’t already exceeded all expectations, we learnt over the weekend that OPEN CINEMA has been nominated for a Social Media Award in the Excellence in Engagement – Non-Profit category. Our innovative cinematic hybrid event format has really taken off, with a virtual reach of over 85,000 twitter followers during our last event on March 20. We’ll be sharing this virtual engagement feature with folks as we travel across the country this summer.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week? I found the Doc Bus…but that will have to wait for another blog post! Manana!

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