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As you can imagine, I’ve been talking about Get on the Doc Bus with everyone I meet, and the response is inspiring! This adventure seems to resonate with folks, igniting the imagination about all things Canadian: roadtrips, expansive geography and a real love of documentary! It offers a great opportunity to talk about Canada’s long tradition of documentary filmmaking and to educate people about the very real problems the industry is facing as it transitions from an  analogue past to a digital future.

So it’s got me thinking about this adventure as a pilgrimage through documentary’s past, present and future, both literally and metaphorically.  I’ve decided to visit key people, places and events along the documentary landscape. I love the idea of visiting these cinematic landmarks and blogging about key points in the documentary genre’s history and future as I visit them.  But I’m going to need your help to identify places that are cinematically significant….

For example, diposter for documentary Nanook of the Northd you know that the documentary was born and raised in Canada? Nanook of the North was the first feature length documentary, filmed in Inuvic, Northern Quebec (now NorthWest Territories). I don’t think I’ll be able to travel as far North on this trip, but hopefully together we can identify a few other interesting documentary facts and curiosities as the journey unfolds….

Do you know a place that is connected to documentary history? Please share your insights about landmarks, locations or towns with a connection to documentary films and filmmakers!

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