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Living the New Economy and the Doc Bus

I’ve spent the last few days attending a fabulous conference in my home town Victoria, BC. The sense of community, camaraderie and conversations are inspiring and nourishing. It’s reminding me why I care so much about the Doc Bus project, as it shares similar core values and goals to the Living the New Economy conference.

logo for Living the New Economy Victoria


Living the New Economy is a gathering of individuals, creators, businesses, entrepreneurs and decision-makers who are committed to exploring the emergent new economy. Sessions explore topics such as Permanomics,  Indigenomics shared work spaces, food hubs, mission based social enterprise, social media engagement, heart centred marketing, new currencies such as Tetla and the Vancouver Island Dollar and collaborative networks. The Living the New Economy conference is giving me a bigger frame for the Cross Canada Community Cinema Network concept,  tools to move forward and allowing me to gather with like-minded new systems thinkers here on the western edge of the continent.

photo by Jason Guille of Living the New Economy,

Living the New Economy, photo by Jason Guille

It’s All About Collaboration

936020_10153590183235711_1418829662_nThe emergent new economy is all about building hyper-local human-scale, collaborative community relationships that honour life-affirming ways of doing business, and that connect to other hyper-local hubs using digital social networking tools. It’s really a return to a wholistic way of doing things that cares for the planet, our communities and our humanity.  It’s very exciting to find that there is a critical mass of people across many sectors who are leaning into the future and ready to get down to the hard work of turning this dream into reality.  In the words of one of Tuesday night’s Indigenomics speakers, Dr Ana Maria Peredo “The new economy is the old economy. It’s about embracing life.”

Local in Scale, Virtual in Reach

The Cross Canada Community Cinema Network concept is right at home here. 1468511_10153590218240711_1289367321_nAt its core, it’s an opportunity for shared learning and entrepreneurial collaboration between cinemas and festivals that make and show  documentaries or docmedia to engage and build community at the local level. I want to develop ways to connect these local ‘Filmers Market’ hubs across the country, using social networking tools such as Twitter, Livestream and others to share sector knowledge, develop best practices and collaborate on hybrid cinema events. The social and economic value of these collaborative networks was underscored over and over this week. Yeah!

Connecting the Docs

photo of OPEN CINEMA post-screening discussion and tweetchat

OPEN CINEMA post-screening discussion  with Tweetchat team brokering the live + virtual = hybrid engagement.

Community cinema has an important roll to play in this emerging new economy, creating opportunities for entertainment, education, entrepreneurial exchange and engagement. Documentary in cafe style venues parti

cularly can be a catalyst for community networking and conversation, bringing together concerned citizens, non-profits and businesses on topical issues. OPEN CINEMA has been doing just that for over a decade here in Victoria, BC and we’re really excited to continue developing our local events and collaborate with other new economy thinkers and community groups locally and beyond.

Growing the New Economy

There’s lots of work to do everywhere you look, but the seeds are being planted all over the place. Being around so many people who are getting busy in their sector helped me to realize how much I care about the documentary as a tool for community building. Exciting Times.

What’s cooking in your neck of the woods? Do you use documentaries to build community? Let’s keep this conversation going!



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