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Hello Cool World

Hello Cool World is an interactive agency that works exclusively on social cause projects and campaigns. We create, support and promote transmedia content and use grassroots and mainstream methods to get the good word out!

For Hello Cool World, campaigns are mission critical. Whether we are using a film to launch a movement, or creating a campaign from the ground up, we care about the long-term engagement of communities around a cause. With clients in the non-profit sector and independent film communities, we also specialize in hybrid distribution and grassroots campaign development. We do social marketing and we use social media. We engage in “social branding.”

We are also exploring cool new ways to use participatory research to deliver creating reporting, including new ways to veiw qualitative results.

As social entrepreneurs we run a triple-bottom line company. As film distributors we are defining fairer trade for films with a social message. We offer a higher return to filmmakers, and use our profits to sustain campaigns. All the profits from anything on our web store support our campaigns. With the film 65_RedRoses, we are partnering with BC Transplant to use the film as a tool for awareness around organ donation and CF and to get the film into high schools.

With the release of our new high school version of The Corporation our goal is engage students and teachers in forming Corporation Clubs across North America.

Our mandate is: ideas to audiences, audiences to action, action to outcome.

We are not looking only for clients, but for collaborators.

Is this you?

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