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Our goal is to provide independent Canadian filmmakers with a platform to reach audiences directly. We hope to assist independent Canadian media artists in showing Canada – and the world – what we’re capable of. Part of our mission is to use past projects to support the present ones being released.
The site endeavours to be inclusive rather than exclusive to Canadians by providing additional online space to all genres and formats of Canadian moving pictures, and by supporting organizations from all corners of the country. Cinema Canadiana aims to help give a voice to the independent filmmakers of our nation by providing free online space for user-driven content, thus allowing for a diversity of voices to emerge.

Beyond being a crowdsourced site with a user-driven experience that promotes Canadian content, Cinema Canadiana’s design philosophy is two-fold. First, to utilize our website to drive users to other areas of the Internet that highlight the content created around these projects (official sites, places to see the work, reviews, interviews, etc.). Secondly, we will provide a forum to encourage dialogue in order to advance the knowledge and exchange of ideas, thus improving the capacity to appreciate the works.

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