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Avi Lambert Consulting

Avi Lambert Consulting

While I’m the developer of the platform here, I’m also a documentary film lover. I have a certificate in teaching documentary film from the Gulf Island Television and Screen Institute, taken for a workshop I gave up in Hartley Bay, BC years ago. But I digress, documentary film is one of the most important ways we can express ideas and tell stories today. With personal publishing power via ‘smart’ mobile gadgets and user generated content production at an all time high, videos are gaining ground as the leading content type. Bearing that in mind, making high quality documentaries is no easy feat. Mandy’s effort to raise awareness about the state of documentary film-making in Canada, and around the world is incredibly inspiring. I hope you enjoy the site and take a look around to see the other intriguing film festivals, projects, people and concepts around the site. Drop me a line if you want to chat.

Avi is a strategic social marketing consultant. He advises clients on business model design, digital business strategies and behavior oriented communications management. Tweet to him at @AviLambert. His site is He lives in beautiful Victoria, BC with his wife and two sons.
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