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If you are were disappointed by last night’s BC election results, then this cross Canada pilgrimage to reclaim our cultural heritage is all the more poignant and timely. We must rally a grassroots movement to stem the flow of greedy conservative politics.

No pasaran! You shall not pass!

Documentary informs, inspires and calls to action. When John Grierson launched the NFB in the early 40’s, he famously referred to documentary as a democratic tool to fight fascism in Europe. Now more than ever we need to come together and use the powerful tools of local community, documentary and grassroots activism to galvanize an engaged, informed and principled society.

Documentary is a Tool for Democracy

If you have already donated, thank you so much for the support you have already given to this exciting project. On this final day of fundraising, I’m asking you to please share this campaign with their friends and networks today and ask them to support a connected and informed civil society, engaging locally and virtually through a vibrant documentary industry.

Please Help Make It Happen For Us!

If you haven’t contributed to our campaign yet, please do so today. Traditionally, crowdfunding campaigns make a significant percentage of their goal on the last day. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by donating what you can, and receive cool perks in return! Please share this post, share our campaign, spread the word about our important project.

Support documentary community building in Canada!

Mandy and the Doc Bus

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