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Crowdfunding requires a great deal of chutzpah and cold calling, asking people to watch, share and contribute to your little project. So I’ve been sending out loads of emails and tweets to friends, family and influencers alike, asking them politely to please spread the word and help raise funds.

How To Get Endorsements: Ask!

New Doc Editing logoFor years, I’ve been on editing guru Karen Everett’s New Doc Editing mailing list – she teaches editing a UC Berkeley‘s Graduate School of Journalism, named the top U.S. documentary program by Documentary Magazine.  And she also runs New Doc Editing, an editing and storytelling consultancy with an impressive client list, including Tiffany Schain (Founder of the Webby Awards, whose recent documentary CONNECTED was selected for the prestigious Documentary Competition of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

So when her newsletter landed in my in-box on saturday, I hit reply and boldly introduced myself and my little roadtrip project. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I received the following reply:

Hi Mandy,

I really enjoyed your trailer.

As a policy I don’t promote crowd funding campaigns because hundreds of filmmakers would be asking me to do so. However, yours was excellent, and you are so charming, that how could I resist? This will be in our 4/24 newsletter Client Shout Out section:

Mandy Leith’s fundraising sizzle reel is so entertaining and clever that it’s a great case study in how to create a crowd-funding trailer. Check it out at:

Karen Everett
Documentary Filmmaker and Story Consultant
Get “The Ultimate Guide To Structuring Your Documentary”

WOW. I really hope her glowing endorsement will convince you to help us spread the word and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign… PLEASE?

While we’re at it, you might find it interesting to hear what Karen Everett is all about!

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