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Dear Doc Lovers

It’s been a while, I know. Today the Doc Bus and I have been waiting out yet another thunder storm at a hotel in Yorkton, so I’ve finally had time to do a little catching up with myself after spending 26 days on the road and adding 3300 km to the Doc Bus clock.

Since my last report, I’ve crossed two provinces, connected with (and been inspired by) a LOT of filmmakers, screening organizers and industry orgs, gloried in the beauty of a handful of fabulous provincial and national parks. And there’s been a lot of biblical weather.

photo of Biblical weather outside Saskatoon

Biblical weather outside Saskatoon

Well, it’s been one weather event after another. Without exaggerating, a few days after I leave a town or city, there is a flood warning.

Thoughts and Prayers To Canmore Friends

The first sign I had of the storm that initiated the Calgary and Canmore floods was when lightening struck the road in front of me in a thunderstorm driving from Canmore to Edmonton. Four days later the very road that I travelled was washed out.

I’ve been thinking about the folks I met in Canmore, and hoping that they and their homes are okay.

Canmore Movies Team Sean, Linda and Charla.

Thinking about the Canmore Movies team: Sean, Linda and Charla.

photo of the Doc Bus parked outside the Canmove Movies theare on Kananaskis Way.

In addition to Calgary and Canmore, Morley Reserve is one of the worst hit areas of last week’s Bow River flood. I haven’t been able to find out what has happened to this picturesque and historic church in Morley.

McDougall Church

McDougall Church, Morley AB

Here’s a couple of video updates that I recorded right there at the church on the Morley First Nations reserve, which has since been devasted. These updates seem all the more poignant now…

 Doc Bus Update June 14 – Part 1

 Doc Bus Update June 14 – Part 2

I’m not sure why I didn’t post these earlier. All I can say about that is it’s really hard to find the time to open my laptop and start writing while on the road solo: driving, route planning, finding campsites, connecting with film folks and all the necessities of keeping the Doc Bus as welcoming home base – after all these tasks, I haven’t found the energy left to blog. Don’t forget you can follow daily photo/video diary, twitter or on the photo blog.

So many enlightening conversations

In terms of the fascinating conversations I’m having with filmmakers and event organizers and industry orgs, there’s waaay too much to share while I’m on the road. It’s so great to meet so many people who care about the future of documentary and to talk about community building and hybrid events. Most people thank me for undertaking this iniative, and tell me that our conversation has given them hope for the future. That makes it all worthwile.  I’m making voice memo recordings of most of the conversations, and taking copious notes, so I’ll be exploring the best way to share these stories after the trip is over.

Next Stop: Winnipeg

Tomorrow I hope the storm warnings will have passed and I’ll be back on the road to Winnipeg, where I’ll be spending a week connecting with some fab film folks.

I welcome your comments, thoughts and ideas for the journey. And if you’d like to join me for a day or ten, let’s talk!

Stay safe and dry out there folks!






  1. Hi Mandy

    How are you?

    This is Koorosh from halifax….it was great talking with you

    Great blog and great pictures. I wish you success


    • Thanks Koroosh! Great to meet you, enjoy your travels!

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