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photo of the Get on the Doc Bus 2014 calendar

I’m so excited to share this lovely Get on the Doc Bus 2014 calendar with you! It was so much fun to design and it gave me an opportunity to relive the whole journey. I’ll be sending them out as crowdfunding perks, thankyou gifts and they’re also for sale as a fundraiser! See below for pricing and shipping options.

More than just a calendar, it’s really a glorified book report on the whole cross Canada journey from Mile 0 to Mile 0. If you know someone who loves documentary, VW westfalia’s and/or Canada, this is a unique handmade gift. Or treat yourself to a special keepsake of the doc bus journey.

The Perfect Gift for the Film or Westy Lover!

photo of the inside pages of Get on the Doc Bus 2014 calendar

I have selected 8-12 photos and written a brief summary for each of the 10 provinces. Two provinces get 2 pages each: Ontario is broken up into North and South because it’s so freekin vast; and I stayed almost a full month in Nova Scotia so I felt it needed two pages. I also include my visit to the UK, where I met with the Doc Bus’ sister project, the British Film Institute’s recently launched UK Audience for Film Network.

Buy Doc Bus Calendars Online!

You can buy calendars via paypal using the link below.


Thanks so much for supporting the Doc Bus project!

Please note: shipping costs are for Canada only.

Live outside of Canada? Please email me to make international shipping arrangements.

If you live in Victoria and want to avoid shipping costs, you can come by and pick one up from me. Send me an email to make arrangements.

If you’d like to sell calendars in your store or office, please contact me to discuss.

This is my first time selling and shipping anything online, so if you run into problems, don’t hesitate to email me.

Here’s to 2014: the year of the documentary!

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